What does IAM have to do with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Compliance?



In this webinar Marina Segal, CEO and co-founder of Startup in Stealth Mode discuss the CSPM maturity model, how you can tell if you need to get a CSPM solution and is it really necessary in order to be compliant in the cloud?


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  1. What is the CSPM maturity model?
  2. Why and how to be compliant in the cloud?
  3. The role of CSPM tools in compliance and what IAM has to do with it
  4. How to automatically detect compliance validations with Solvo



Marina Segal

CEO & co-founder @ Startup in Stealth Mode

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Shira Shamban

CEO & co-founder @ Solvo

Over 17 years of experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, product management and leadership. Shira formed the technical security research team and the big data product at Dome9 Security (acq. by CheckPoint in 2018). Shira is the co-chair of OWASP Israel, lecturer, and mentor in different voluntary organizations. Shira spent 13 years serving as an officer in the Intelligence Corps.