Sensitive Data Control and Strategic Security Alert Prioritization

In the dynamic world of cloud technology, organizations face two critical challenges: maintaining control and visibility over sensitive data and effectively prioritizing security alerts in cloud environments. As the cloud landscape evolves, safeguarding crucial information in real-time becomes increasingly complex. This webinar delves into the intricacies of securing vital files, exploring challenges like distributed cloud environments, device proliferation, and shadow IT practices.

Key topics include:

Master Comprehensive Visibility: Understand the intricacies of achieving thorough visibility across diverse cloud environments for enhanced security.

Navigate Prioritization Effectively: Explore strategies to prioritize security alerts in cloud environments. Learn the importance of contextual understanding for informed decisions and finding the right balance.

Real-World Solutions: Gain insights from real-world examples and case studies showcasing successful solutions to visibility and prioritization challenges in cloud security.

About Solvo

Solvo breaks down application, identity, and data silos to proactively detect and mitigate cloud misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Enabling security, engineering, and DevOps teams to implement effective least privilege access policies and controls at cloud scale by providing contextual visibility into applications and user behavior, cloud infrastructure resources, and the associated data.