The State of Tech Stack Preferences in AWS-First Organizations

Survey of the most common dev languages and technologies—where did yours land?  

Developers have lots of options when it comes to coding languages and core technologies.

Sometimes it’s a matter of what you’re most comfortable with and other times it depends on the requirements of the project.

popular coding languages chart

Are you in the majority?

To learn more about our customers—all AWS users—we conducted a survey to find out what coding languages and platforms they used most often. We’ve put the results together in a presentation that breaks it all down according to the size of the operation involved. 

Curious to know if you’re in the majority or the minority? Are you going with the flow or are you an outlier? 

Find out by downloading the results of our survey now and learn more about what approach small, medium and enterprise-level teams are taking to the issue of choosing a coding language. 

Download survey results