Trailblazing in Security

Join Solvo CEO, Shira Shamban, as she engages in a fireside chat with Susanne Elizer Senoff, CISO at PROS, who will delve into her journey in cybersecurity. From her initial motivations to her current role as CISO, Susanne will unravel the nuanced differences between leading security in publicly traded versus private companies. Drawing from her experiences, she'll illuminate the power of mentorship and the intricate challenges of spearheading security initiatives within large organizations. 

Key Topics Include: 

  • Public vs. private company dynamics for CISOs

    Migration to the cloud and cloud security

  • Building security strategies and the decision-making process

  • Trends in cyberattacks and prevention strategies

  • Women and diversity in cybersecurity

  • Influential figures and challenges in careers

About Solvo

Solvo breaks down application, identity, and data silos to proactively detect and mitigate cloud misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Enabling security, engineering, and DevOps teams to implement effective least privilege access policies and controls at cloud scale by providing contextual visibility into applications and user behavior, cloud infrastructure resources, and the associated data.